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    DC680 Plastic LCD Auto Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser

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    DC680 LCD AUTO URINAL SANITIZER DISPENSER The DC680 is a modern, fully programmable automatic urinal sanitizer designed to keep every aspect of toilet & urinal stand bowl as clean and bacteria-free ad possible. It will clean flush pipes and the toilet/ urinal bowls areas exposed to flushing, deter lime scale build up, clean off uric acid and prevent bad odors. It features an LCD display and interface for initial program set up and on-the-spot system checks. The dispensing times and intervals can be tailored to suit every situation using the interface in just 5 easy steps. Suitable for use in washrooms with high, low or varying traffic patterns with ability to dispense 3400 times per refill. It features warning tones and display symbols to alert of low battery and empty container. The highly chemical resistant body, cover and internal components can withstand solvent and alkalis without staining. Compact design with modest styling is able to suite many washroom styles and with no flat surface on top, cigarette placement is discouraged. The cover is lockable with key opening to deter theft and vandalism.