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    "Ozotech smart disinfector Kills 99.99% of pathogens with o3 in 20 minutes: the results of scientific research show that the rate of ozone killing pathogens and viruses is much higher than that of using ultraviolet rays and other methods. Ozone works in a relatively sealed environment, which overcomes the problems of ultraviolet sterilization that can only go straight, there is a blind spot for disinfection, and it also has very strong odour removal function such as mildew, stench, smell. LED RGB-w colorful night light: a key smart touch switch. Seven different color of light, find your favorite one and create a romantic atmosphere. Sanitize and charge at the same time and dispelling stinks comes with a universal USB port, so it can sterilize and charge meanwhile without powering off. Adopted o3 unique design this phone sanitizer can dispel the stinks, ideal for phone sanitize. Protection for your family: do you find your self wiping your phone after the little ones have played with it, this easy to use, plug and play o3 sanitizer will give you peace of mind zapping those germs, meaning the kids get to use your phone clean and you can clean it right after they use it, presented in a stylish box, its an ideal gift for friends and must-have gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene"