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    DLX-BL-809 Sensor Bin Brushed Steel 9L / 21L

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    Intelligent Sensor, Automatic Opening the DOUBLUX dustbin induction distance is around thirty centimeters. The system identifies the surrounding environment. The barrel head will open automatically if someone close to it, and it will close automatically after five seconds. The barrel head will not close if someone near the dustbin, and people leave five seconds, the barrel automatically closed, so that more humane, more intimate. 150 thousand of opening and closing cap. After one hundred and fifty thousand times test, the intelligent dustbin does not have any problem, and the service life is over ten years. Sensor and LCD Touch Sensor Switch The touch switch panel enables the bin to be used quickly and efficiently; digital count-down panel indicates the time remaining to lid closure. Easy-clip design: Easy-clip design enables the lid to be hung on the side of the bin, convenient for cleaning and changing the trash bag. Build-In Handle The large extra strong build-in handle enables you to grip and lift the bin easily and comfortably. Garbage bag receiving hole: The DOUBLUX Inner barrel is provided with a garbage bag, the receiving hole is convenient to lock the garbage bag on the inner barrel, and the garbage bag can not leaked outside the dustbin to cause unsightly.